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contact page. is a video news paper covering global breaking news via live news feeds along with articles  of interest.

Seattle PI blog for Celebrities and Entertainment News.

"SB Nation" has all you need to keep up to date with what is going on in "NBA"

Kate's curiosity to travel the world has turned into a full time career. 

It can be done

Moto GP & WSB blog.

This is a comprehensive site with all you need to know and is bang up to date.

When Saturday Comes "football blog" is a down to earth UK blog that covers issues as well as the matches themselves.

Formula E  blog is an introduction to the sport with plenty going on.


Peg has the skill and experience to advise anyone on the business side of social media.

Work-Life Balance: How To Achieve Your Ultimate Balance Between Work and Life.

Jess Krieger lifestyle entrepreneur & blogger has the energy and focus to pull this lifestyle off. This is Definitely worth a look! 

Kate's news feed

 Becoming Minimalist - Be Free from Physical and Mental Clutter.

"Beyond the Field of Play" is a comprehensive blog covering Italian football and beyond.

The New York Times political blog

Total Flanker is a rugby blog that covers all the latest news you'll need to know.

Jenni Knows her social media. There are a lot of topic's covered in this one! 

"The Full Toss" is the unofficial England cricket blog that covers all aspects of the English national cricket team with its own news feed for a quick look.

 Marie Forleo - Reach Your Greatest Potential


The London burger blog. Covering burger reviews across London

Fan4racing blogs on NASCAR news & views

Gossip Blog. This has got to be one of the best.

Naturally Ella.
After her father had a heart attack, Erin Alderson broke up with fast food and created her take on cooking with a view to blog about it.

Witty and unapologetic commentary of modern life and it’s absurdity; definitely not politically correct.

The London pizza Blog, Covering pizza & venue reviews.

Jonathan Mead - Get Paid to Do What You Love.

 Joe Saward's F1 blog. Its all here folks. This guy lives and breaths formula 1

The Guardian political blog

"NFL Gridiron Gab" is an extensive blog that covers all the latest NFL news with its own news feed for a quick view.

Barry's blog is an instantly captivating read. His comments on modern entrepreneurs not being cut from the same cloth is quite thought provoking.