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​​  is all about putting interesting and informative up to the minute live global news feeds and video footage in one place for you to watch.  The subject matter is dependent on which page you have chosen to open but essentially, our aim is to build an international viewing community in which we bring you stories and footage from around the world that is often overlooked, controversial, eye opening or simply informative. From our Home Page to Economics and from Health & Beauty to Sport, our inspiration is to bring you an open minded look at the world around us in video form with no bias or leaning towards any one section of our worldwide community but instead provide you with what we find in order that you may draw your own conclusions.

 In addition to the aforementioned, we are also looking to build a collective of reporters and individuals from around the world to provide us with local stories or events that matter in your community. Whether it’s an up and coming event or an issue regarding your environment that is unlikely to get coverage outside of your Country or region, we want to hear about it. With this in mind, the best and most informative correspondence will find their way onto our site for the wider world to read about or view through video footage you may have access to or have filmed yourself. In the fullness of time, we hope to be able to report on events from every corner of the globe and with your help this may just become possible. Please feel free to message us here on the contact page at and we will do our very best to air your story or video clip in future updates.
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